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MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS WITH PICNIC. Full day tour from Kutaisi

You will leave Kutaisi early in the morning and start a journey through a beautiful mountain road along the Tskhenitskali mountain river. You will stop at two beautiful waterfalls on the way and continue to the mythological Khvamli Mountain in the Racha-Lechkhumi-Zemo Svaneti region. You will drive up to the 2002 meters above the sea level, and enjoy majestic views of the vineyards, rivers, and mountain valleys on the way.

You will explore the Khvamli mountain, listen to the legends about it, visit St.Giorgi church, enjoy the views of the Imereti region and take memorable photos. Khvamli Mountain, or Khomli, is believed to be a treasury of Georgian kings, an ancient observatory, it is also related to the legend of Argonauts and the Golden Fleece, and most importantly the Prometheus legend. Jules Vernes has written in one of his novels, ‘The rock of Khomli, overlooking Koutais, to which Prometheus was bound, and where the vultures eternally feed upon his entrails as a punishment for having stolen the bolts of heaven.’”

Enjoy a picnic with Georgian meals and wine and take a car down from Khvamli. You will drive through the spectacular Tsageri pass, exploring more natural wonders and ancient fortresses in the region. You will discover the remote Lailashi village at 850 meters above sea level, once home to Georgians, Jews, Armenians, and Greeks. Here we will show the so-called "secret pool" where you can take breathtaking photos or take a swim if you dare, as the water comes from the cold mountain spring.

The last wonder to explore on this day will be the limestone Sairme pillars, a spectacular natural formation with ancient church ruins on the top. You will drive up to the parking by 4x4 and continue to walk on a paved road towards the pillars. Enjoy the walk in a fragrant pine tree forest and take a break with some snacks before returning back to Kutaisi.

In 2 hours you will reach Kutaisi, and drop off at Kutaisi hotel.


  • Pick up & drop off at your Kutaisi hotel

  • Vehicle with personal guide-driver

  • Free WiFi in the car

  • Picnic with wine (2 glasses)


  • Gratuites

  • Other Meals & Drinks


146 € / person (minimum 2 travelers)

105 € / person (3 - 4 travelers)

87 € / person (5 - 6 travelers)


  • Mythological Khvamli mountain

  • Lailashi village secret pool

  • Sairme pillars

  • Picnic above the clouds

  • Refreshing Waterfalls

  • Memorable photos of mountain views

DURATION: 10 hours  

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